Product at a Glance

Product features


Complete Water Free Cleaning Solution

It eliminates water supply fittings and save water Up-to Quarter Million Liters per megawatt annually.


Built to Withstand Harsh Weather Conditions

Tested under all weather conditions including desert sand storms and heavy rainfall. All metal body makes and aluminum components makes it Robust and Lightweight at the same time.


No External Power Required

It has independent solar panels which power the whole system.


No External Power Required

It reduces cleaning cost by 80 percent by providing additional power generation up-to 7 percent.


Uniform and Effective Cleaning

It provides uniform cleaning throughout and removes all types of dust.


Adjust According to Weather

Automation technology and cloud connectivity allows Robot to sense weather and works accordingly.

Problems in Traditional Cleaning


Irregular and improper installation of PV plants just to reduce the cost of implementation however face loss over the time. When going for robotic cleaning solution, lot of challenges are faced due to the installation imperfections. This causes lot of available solution fails or not effective as mention.


Using traditional method of cleaning causes wastage of fresh water, scaling due to high TDS and is labour intensive


Once implemented, but without proper and frequent cleaning, generation loss is certain


Using traditional method of cleaning brings breakage due to human error and irregular and delay cleaning cycles which in turn amounts to generation loss even after spending money on cleaning services.