The next-generation autonomous waterless solar panel cleaning robot for commercial or utility installations. Automatically recharged batteries and programmed cleaning sessions for working 24 hours a day. Robotic design and customized solutions tailored to big solar farms cleaning in semi-arid regions and desertic areas. Connectivity helps to operate & monitor the robot remotely.

Soft Helical cleaning brush:

Having cutting-edge features such as the Helical Brush that enhances the cleaning quality of the panels, and other revolutionary innovations such as speed adaptability & bidirectional cleaning


The robots have their own solar panels to help them charge the batteries when needed. There’s no need to plug them into the power supply or replace their batteries after they run out of power.

Polyurethrene wheels:

The polyurethane wheels ensure that the robot moves smoothly and efficiently over the solar panel’s aluminium frame without causing any damage to solar panels.

Programmed cleaning cycles and remote control:

The Renewa robot has automated and manual control settings. Clients can program the robot remotely and devise a custom cleaning schedule based on their unique requirements. If the customer wants to clean the panels when it appears dusty, manual controls give them the liberty to start all machines remotely at any time on single click. If they want to clean the panel daily and at a particular time then the automation controls help them create a consistent schedule. Once the program is set, the system is completely independent and doesn’t require any human intervention. Switching between manual and auto mode is easy with our Interface.

To make the machine economical, the design of the robot is so robust as well as light weight that it can be shifted from one array to the another with minimum manpower without any damage to panel or the robot thus cleaning multiple arrays using single machine. On single charge machine is able to clean 4000 panels.

One of its kind first Indian Product for domestic and small solar plants. Desgin for both wet and dry cleaning AFFORDABLE and ROBUST .